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Team Leader Bio: 
Dr. Jonathan M. Rothberg was born in 1963 in New Haven, Connecticut. He earned a B.S. in chemical engineering with an option in biomedical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.S., M.Phil, and Ph.D. in biology from Yale University. He is the first person to be named as The World Economic Forum's Technology Pioneer for three separate companies he founded, is an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year and received The Wall Street Journal's First Gold Medal for Innovation. He received Nature Methods First Method of the Year Award, and The Irvington Institute's Corporate Leadership Award in Science, and has been awarded the Connecticut Medal of Technology. For his invention of massively parallel DNA sequencing Jonathan was awarded the DGKL Biochemical Analysis Prize, and received and Honorary Doctorate of Science from Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Jonathan is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering, and is a life trustee of Carnegie Mellon University.
Team Story: 

Dr. Rothberg leads a world-class, multi-disciplinary team that will use the new Ion Proton™ Sequencer to sequence 100 genomes in 30 days. The Ion Proton is based on the next generation of semiconductor sequencing technology that made the Ion PGM™ Sequencer the fastest selling sequencer in the world. Ion Torrent has pioneered an entirely new approach to sequencing that enables a direct connection between chemical and digital information. Ion Torrent™ technology doesn't use light—it's the first commercial PostLight™ sequencing technology. Instead, Ion Torrent marries simple chemistry to incredibly powerful, proprietary semiconductor technology – it's Watson meets Moore. The result is a sequencing system that is simpler, faster, more cost effective and scalable than any other technology available. The company's goal is to democratize sequencing and make this critical technology available to every lab.

Team Quote: 
DNA sequencing is the most powerful technology in the world because it can tell your future--your propensity for cancer, diabetes, or a 100th birthday. Our healthcare system rarely benefits from this technology though because sequencing is so expensive, slow and complex. The Archon Genomics XPRIZE, presented by Express Scripts, is focused on finding a way to bring DNA sequencing into the mainstream where it can help the most people, advancing research and eventually healthcare. Ion Torrent shares that goal and we are proud to be a participant in the XPRIZE competition, which brings the best and brightest in this field together to find the best technology. Ion Torrent’s semiconductor sequencing technology is modeled on the most disruptive technology of all time—the integrated circuit. We believe semiconductor technology will transform the life sciences just as it has transformed every other industry it has touched; it will make sequencing technology accessible to every lab and clinic in the world so scientists have the tools to tackle our toughest questions.
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Carlsbad, CA (USA)
Team Leader: 

Dr. Jonathan M. Rothberg
Founder, CEO, Ion Torrent

Team Members: 

Dr. Alan Williams
VP, Software, Informatics & Engineering R&D

Dr. Mike McKenna
Head of R&D