Frank & Edith Sampson

Frank & Edith Sampson

When a New Year’s Eve snowstorm in 1939 canceled their honeymoon travel plans, newlyweds Edith and Frank Sampson trekked to Boston Gardens to watch the Boston Bruins beat the Montreal Canadians 6-1.  That was 72 years ago, and Edith and Frank (both 99 years old) are still happily married and the only couple to join our Centenarian Community.

To mark this occasion, we asked their daughter, Marcia to interview her father, Frank.

Marcia: When Dad & Mom were courting, they used to take walks in the park.  On one walk, they came to a gate, and beyond the gate the land sloped up to the banks of a reservoir.  They walked up the slope to look at the reservoir.  A pickup truck came by and the man driving engaged Mom & Dad in a conversation, asking them their names and addresses.  The following Monday morning both Mom & Dad received summonses to appear in court on trespassing charges relative to them being on the banks of the reservoir (municipal property).  They appeared in court at the appointed time, along with several other people who had received trespassing summonses.  The Judge got mad at the man who had issued the summonses, saying the charges were trivial and frivolous and a waste of the court's time. Then the Judge threw out the trespassing charges.  

How did you two meet?
Frank: Edith worked with my favorite sister, Gertrude, at Gertrude's beauty shop in Medford, MA.  On my way home from work, I would stop in to see Gertrude, and I met Edith there.

How did you propose?
Frank: I don't remember.  I must have done it at a dinner sometime.  I was often invited to her house for dinner.

Where were you married?
Frank: In Orleans, MA, on Cape Cod.  My folks wouldn't attend the wedding because they were Catholic and Edith & I were married outside the Catholic church, and I didn't insist that Edith change her religion to Catholic.  Edith's father and step-mother were the only other people at our wedding.  We were supposed to leave that evening to go to a lodge in Vermont for our honeymoon, but a big snowstorm hit so instead we went to a hockey game at Boston Garden and then we went back home to Malden where our car got stuck in a snow bank while trying to get into the driveway.

What is your secret to a long and happy marriage?
Frank: Honesty

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Grant Campany, Senior Director, Archon Genomics XPRIZE Foundation

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